The more you listen, the more people talk. And the more people talk, the more they say shit they didn’t really wanna say.

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Girls get a lot of mixed messages—they are told, ‘Girl Power!’ and what does that mean? It means you wear a T-shirt that says, ‘Girl Power!’ but you call each other bitches. You make fun of a girl for being a virgin and you make fun of a girl for having sex. There’s no right place to be.

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If you keep doing what you love, and keep your heart in it, things end up working out, better than how you even thought it could.

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I’m a product of crowded places and jammed up emotions. Where right and wrong weren’t always clearly defined and life wasn’t always sweet, but it was life.

Barbara Stanwyck

I like the ones with the deep-seated, emotional issues i can internalize and make my own.

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Women don’t have to be strong by pretending to be men.

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I think a little suffering doesn’t hurt. I believe that great things come from great sacrifices.

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