Rihanna- Skin

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Do You Remember | Lydia

You’re gonna love, love,
Every brand new day

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This will ALWAYS be in my top 10 fave Beyonce songs.


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Our children will always hear
Romantic tales of distant years.
Our guilty age may come and go
Our crooked dreams will always flow.

Stick with me
Oh you’re my best friend.
All of my life
You’ve always been.

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Foxing - Rory

but my hands shake and shudder at the mention / of half written reasons why we’ll only be friends / i swear i’m a good man / so why don’t you love me back?

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Plane Vs Tank Vs Submarine | Tigers Jaw

lie to me like you used to,
tell me everything is how it should be
lie to me, did you have to?
because in the end it never matters what i think

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Don’t let nobody tell you that your soul ain’t right, because you need the darkness to enjoy the light

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Cassie Steele- I Want You

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Lana Del Rey - Ride

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se7enteenblack aka HALSEY - New Americana

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sam smith - stay with me

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Childish Gambino - I’d Die Without You in the 1Xtra Live Lounge (by BBC Radio 1Xtra)

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There’s nothing to say Your eyes said it all

I’m not looking away, your eyes hold everything

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