Robin Thicke- Lost Without You

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Mr. Little Jeans’ cover of Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs

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You’re never gonna love me

So what’s the use?

What’s the point in playing

A game you’re gonna lose?

What’s the point in saying

You love me like a friend?

What’s the point in saying

It’s never gonna end.

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A picture of you, holding a picture of me
in the pocket of my blue jeans
Still don’t know what love means
Still don’t know what love means
Jolene (x)

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Jessie J - Sweet Talker (Acoustic)

All I Have (Very Special)- Debra & Ronnie Laws

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Don’t worry…you know that you got me

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heartbeats (acoustic cover) // jose gonzalez 

Ten days of perfect tunes
The colors red and blue
We had a promise made
We were in love

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How far are we falling?

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in which a lesbian cover of one of america’s most quintessential modern american love songs is a thing that exists

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When You Sleep- Mary Lambert

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14/100 Brilliant Covers

Gabrielle Aplin // Best Song Ever (One Direction cover)

Said I had a dirty mouth
But she kissed me like she meant it

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Fuckin’ you right, lovin’ you right

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Parts of me remind me of you

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